The Freedom Program


This is an annual 6 month program providing 10 women basic education, practical skills, discipleship and restorative care – bringing healing to the pasts and hope to their futures through practical equipping of education, life skills and identity teaching. Our passionate team is committed to establishing in each woman a firm understanding of how much they are worth and the good plans that God has for their futures! We are committed to breaking chains of exploitation and slavery and replacing them with freedom and sustainability. The Freedom Program is our foundational phase one program, women must complete this before entering into our full time vocational training programs in either Sewing or Hospitality.

We focus on the following areas:

— English & Portuguese Language
— Practical Life Skills & Small Business
— Health Education
— Literacy
— Discipleship
— Identity and self-worth

— Human Rights Education

— Pastoral Counseling


For $50 per month, you can support a young woman’s path to freedom and sustainability.



Join our exclusive group of friends on instagram that will receive live stories throughout the month giving you insight into the day-to-day operations of The Liberty Project.



Giving monthly provides The Liberty Project the confidence to plan well ahead, develop future projects open their doors to new women and gives the girls a steady education program with long-lasting support.



See how your donation is being put to work. We will share progress from the Freedom Program and other Liberty Project events, through our quarterly team emails!