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More often than not we feel like what we have to give wont make any difference. But did you know that if even 1% of the worlds 7.6 billion people were to give $5 each, it would amount to $37,635 000 ! 

For the 1.2 million females in Cabo Delgado, Northern Mozambique, of whom around 95% have been sexually abused, imagine what we could do with that kind of funding to heal and transform communities. BUT we're going to make this a lot simpler.

If 20,000 people were to each gave us $5 we would be able to raise a whopping $100,000 to help bring freedom to women from sexual exploitation and abuse in Northern Mozambqiue. Bringing transformation to communities, and long term generational change!

See our video from our beautiful ambassador Nea Knapp below! Nea explains why she became an ambassador for The Liberty Project and see below what this money will help us do.

Change a life. Change a generation
— Laura Monahan

What will $100,000 help us do?

these are all the activities that $100,000 will help us run and implement in 2019!


freedom program

The Freedom Program vocationally trains, counsels and educates 30 women per year. Funding will help us cover all running costs including providing training resources for sewing, beauty and hospitality classes, nutritious meals during the program, emergency personal supplies for our ladies and also making it possible for us to hire two local teachers in 2019 to teach Portuguese language and literacy classes.

Annual Cost: $23,000 USD


Liberty Eco farm & Accomodation

Phase One Eco Farm: Funds to extend our vision will mean we will be able to purchase land to begin to establish Liberty Eco Farm. This small eco farm will enable us to teach women agriculture as a skill, as well as being able to provide fruit, vegetables and eggs for The Liberty Cafe and Bakery and produce for meals at our Freedom Program. Funds for this project will also mean we can fence the property, drill a borehole providing clean drinkable water and set up a composting toilet. These facilities will mean we can keep the cost of running this eco farm and accommodation as low as possible.

Phase one estimated cost: $20,000 USD

Phase Two Accommodation: If we are able to raise over and above the $100,000 we will begin the build phase of four small one bedroom cottages with solar energy systems, to house project volunteers, workers and women in our program who are in need of accommodation.

Phase two estimated cost: $60,000 - $100,000 USD

This farm will teach and employ women while providing much needed produce for our cafe and programs; and the accommodation will provide much needed affordable accommodation for volunteers and missionaries. The Liberty Eco Farm will help us become self sustainable for the many years to come.


Liberty House

Cover the annual rent, running costs and maintenance for Liberty House. This property houses: temporary, safe accommodation for at risk local women, two rooms for missionaries, organisation office, Freedom Program classroom, counseling room and The Liberty Cafe and Bakery. Liberty House is the lifeblood of our organisation.

Annual Cost: $25,000 USD


liberty cafe and bakery 

These funds will mean we can purchase all commercial kitchen and coffee equipment to set up and open Liberty Cafe and Bakery. As well as enabling us to provide annual hospitality training for 15 women in: bakery, barista, customer service and cafe management. It will also provide full time employment for 10 women for 12 months.

Project Cost: $30,000 USD


community awareness & Discipleship groups

These funds will help us provide educational materials needed to run our community human rights and discipleship programs for 100 people in 2019. This will also include employing a local translator to translate between the five spoken local languages.

Project Cost: $2,000 USD


Transportation - our Stretch goal

If we manage to raise over $100,000, $130,000 to be specific; we we will be able to purchase The Liberty Projects first vehicle; a 16 seater Toyota Hiace Van! This van will transport local women to and from our programs daily, fetch supplies and transport volunteers and visitors. Having this vehicle will not only make us more mobile as an organisation, but will also help us to break down the barrier of getting girls to our programs, lessening the financial strain of having to pay daily transport when majority are unemployed. Funds will help purchase a van and cover running costs for 12 months.

Project Cost: $30,000 USD