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We’re serious about making sure every dollar goes directly to helping our girls on the ground in Pemba. 

Your donations help us provide vocational training and restorative care through the Freedom Program, it also helps us provide safe accommodation for vulnerable women in our residential care program at Liberty House and it helps us raise awareness in communities to prevent human trafficking and abuse of human rights and it helps us employ local women to assist in different areas of our organisaion.

Here's where your donations go:

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70% of women in Northern Mozambique cannot read and write and therefore lack even the most basic education. We believe education opens doors for informed decision making and future opportunities.



Access to the necessary materials and resources for training, health care, residential care for vulnerable at risk women, and providing the materials to fund The Collective Africa’s product development.



 Providing a space for our ladies to learn, grow and be safe means paying bills, employing local support staff, and keeping up with monthly costs. It’s not glamourous but it’s a reality. 

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Where love lives! Liberty House is the heart of all of our operations, it houses our offices, volunteer accommodation, class room, counseling facility, hospitality kitchen and is the location for The Liberty Cafe. It costs us $40,000 USD annually to keep Liberty House open and running.


The Freedom Program


This 6 month program provides 10 women basic education, practical skills, discipleship and restorative care – bringing healing to the pasts and hope to their futures through practical equipping of education, life skills and identity teaching. Our passionate team is committed to establishing in each woman a firm understanding of how much they are worth and the good plans that God has for their futures! We are committed to breaking chains of exploitation and slavery and replacing them with freedom and sustainability. The Freedom Program is our foundational phase one program, women must complete this before entering into our full time vocational training programs in either Sewing or Hospitality.

We focus on the following areas:

— English & Portuguese Language
— Practical Life Skills & Small Business
— Health Education
— Literacy
— Discipleship
— Identity and self-worth

— Human Rights Education

— Pastoral Counseling


For $50 per month, you can support a young woman’s path to freedom and sustainability.



Receive a personalized letter from the girl you're sponsoring. Learn about her, what she's learning through the Freedom Program and what her dreams are for the future.



Giving monthly provides The Liberty Project the confidence to plan well ahead, develop future projects open their doors to new women and gives the girls a steady education program with long-lasting support.



See how your donation is being put to work. We will share progress from the Freedom Program and other Liberty Project events, giving you real-time access.

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Set on Pemba’s main Wimbi beach,, The Liberty Cafe opened in August 2019, is a standard setting, world class cafe and a beacon of hope; telling of victories, restoration, birthed dreams and true identity in the lives of those women we serve and to the community we live in.

Liberty Cafe is designed to vocationally train and employ women who graduate our Freedom Program. These women come from backgrounds of sexual abuse, oppression and exploitation. This is an exciting addition to our current activities and allows us to continue to walk alongside each women in a training, discipleship and employment capacity.  Vocational training and life skills in Bakery, Cooking, Customer Service, Barista, and Cafe Management are taught over the course of 12 months.  This follows on from our six month Freedom Program focusing on identity, discipleship, health, english and literacy.

We have identified job creation is a major need in Pemba to provide dignified work and sustainable financial futures for the women we serve and their families. Providing a safe and healthy job environment is vital and will be a factor in lowering the statistics of  transactional sex, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation; it will help to also lower the extremely high PTSD rates that result from this toxic cultural practice. Our vision is that the Liberty Cafe will bring women in Northern Mozambqiue freedom, restoration, transformation and hope; stimulating generational change!  This will be a non profit facility established to train and employ women and to help create financial sustainability for our organisation to serve hundreds of women in the years to come. 

To help us provide this program for Mozambican women, become a monthly financial partner on the left.



Fashioned for Freedom

The Collective Africa is a social enterprise and ethical fashion label whose profits go to The Liberty Project and who employ Freedom Program Graduates. Help us end exploitation by getting your bold on!